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Jon did not show up for 6 appointments, which my employees are witnesses of.Left Me with tablets for 3 years.

Kept my pool yellow on a few occasions. Tried to double bill me. Do not use based on my experience, there are to many other pool guys out there. He text me calling me a deadbeat based on trying to get a refund.

Texted bad things about my family, horrible.Said he is a master of the Internet so nobody will see my complaints and threatened me for writing my review on his company.I have all his texts.

Review about: Pool Service.



John is a nice guy.Well groomed with a great pool guy appearance but not a great pool guy.

My new service company said he is related to the owners of the pool supply store in lomita and has only been doing pool service for 1 1/2 years. I can't understand why I trusted him with my 90,000 dollar pool. Pool turned yellow then he tried charging me for chlorine tablets....

On the service agreement it states that he supplies all necessary chlorine.I can understand specialty chemicals but I can't understand being billed for something that is part of his responsibility.


That's funny, because out of all of my customers I have never had anyone name Jason as a customer.

Feel free to email me for a true reference list or visit my website for testimonials.

This Tommy failed to pay his bill on time or in full, and is now claiming I never showed up even after taking care of the pool for 6 months. Tommy never returns my phone calls or was willing to sign a service agreement, therefor at the end of a 3 month prepaid service I sent him a letter terminating service.

For copies of the letter, references, or copies of the harrasment and threats via text message this individual sent me.

You can't please everyone, but its a shame people have to resort to slander and libel

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I also used this guy,he sold me a lot of equipment I did not need. I just hired somebody else, no problems now

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